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Longspan shelving/Mid-duty shelving/Storage shelf

Longspan shelving is used for hand loading application. Compare with boltless shelving, its loading capacity is twice than mid duty shelving A. It is used awkward or bulky loads, ideal for order picking or bulk storage.



1) Structure: inserting connected by upright and beam
2) Steel and wood decking are both available
3) Max capacity 1000kg
4) Adjusting by 75mm or 50mm
5) Less investment
6) Widely used

Please inform us the listed questions in your inquiry for quick quotation:

a) AutoCAD drawing (of course we can design it for you for free)
b) Size of your warehouse
c) Material of shelving
d) Size of shelving (width, depth)
e) How many bays you want
f) How many layers you want
g) Loading capacity of each layer
h) RAL color you want

1. mid-duty load
2. Order picking,bulk picking
3. Boxes
4. Bulk products

Material: Carbon Steel Q235/SS40
Surface Finish: Epoxy power coated / Galvanized

Products through the: ISO, TUV certificates